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Our History

A family run business. The company was founded by Bill Landon in 1957, operating out of a popular showroom in the Ladywood area of Birmingham.

The current luxury showroom which is based in Dodford is owned and run by three of his grandsons. Two of the grandsons started to work at the Ladywood showroom alongside their grandfather in 1975. Darren joined us in 1998 and worked with us to build and continue the longstanding Landon reputation that remains with us to this day.

Our reputation extends back some 60 years, Landon’s have captured the hearts and imagination of our customers, creating luxury bathroom, kitchens and bedrooms which are truly in a class of their own.

Landon’s reputation for quality has brought us customers from far and wide, although our predominate customer base is still located in and around the Worcestershire and West Midlands areas.


Landons through the ages

Landon and Son were established in Ladywood long before the redevelopment of the area. The original beginning was a yard in Steward Street, where Mr. Landon ran a café serving some 100 meals a day. The picture to the left shows the café with the Plumbing and Plastering sign above the door.
After Steward Street they moved to Summer Hill Road, Sping Hill. The picture to left shows the shop on Summer Hill Road where they sold bathroom sanitary ware, lavatory pans and fireplaces.
Later on, premises were purchased on Monument Road, next to Monument Road Baths. Milliners previously used the premises. The Landons sold plumbing equipment and other goods, and one side of the shop sold hats that were left over from the previous owner - This only happened while they had hats to sell!
In 1967 the Landons moved to Freeth Street in an old warehouse where  they sold bathrooms and sink tops. Bill Landon had to move from Freeth Street three years later when the council decided to knock the building down.
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then in 1969 to their shop in Ickneild Port Road (the Old Crown Picture House). The old cinema had been closed for nine years and was in a terrible state but on the advice of his son Bill, they offered ABC Cinemas a fair price. Slowly the cinema was refurbished to a large showroom and the Crown Cinema went from strength to strength. The Landons became the first people in the country to show full bathroom settings, selling a wide range of Bathroom equipment and plumbing supplies.
Landons Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedroom showroom in Dodford, Bromsgrove where they are to this present day. The current luxury showroom is owned and run by Eddie Landon and Darren Fowler the grandsons of the founder of the original Bill Landon Bathrooms.  Eddie started work at the Ladywood showroom with his grandfather and is continuing the longstanding Landon reputation today, along with Darren and all the rest of the Landon staff.

The Landon Family

Sitting in the centre is the original founder Bill Landon 1920-2004 and his wife Rosa Landon. Sitting either side are sons Bill Landon on the left and John Landon on the right. Standing up from left to right are grandsons Steve Landon, Eddie Landon and Tony Landon Jr. Next is son Tony Landon Sr. and grandson Bill Landon. 

Merlyn Showers recently did a spotlight feature on owners Darren and Eddie. To view the feature please click here 
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